2020 Campaign Thank You Invite

We would like to thank you for your donation to Voices for Children Montgomery’s A Voice for Every Child Campaign!! Please join VFCM Board members and mixologist Zebulon Jones for a virtual Happy Hour via Zoom. You can follow along with Zeb and make your own drinks (with or without alcohol) at home, using either bar tools or everyday kitchen items. An ingredient list will be sent before the event. Zebulon Jones is a well-known mixologist in the DC events scene. He has created cocktails for White House Correspondents’ Week events, members of Congress at various Hill events, as well as private occasions ranging from backyards and rooftops to corporate boardrooms.

To RSVP click here or email nking@casamontgomery.org

Here are the ingredients/recommendations:

CocktailsHoneyed Old Fashioned
Blueberry Basil Fizz
LiquorsWhiskey (bourbon or rye)
Vodka (can substitute gin if you’re not a vodka fan)
Angostura Bitters
Grocery1 Orange (will make plenty of drinks)
Blueberries (~10 per drink)
Basil (~4 leaves per drink)
Lemon (1/2 – 1 per drink depending on the size of the lemon)
Tonic (Substitute Sprite or club soda if making mocktails)
Ginger ale (Mocktails only)
Note: Please have a cup of hot water ready.
Recommendations Whiskey: Any bourbon or rye will work but I recommend something that’s not too sweet but you still enjoy the taste of. Angel’s Envy would do well here.  If you’ve got large rock ice cube trays, have one ready for the Honeyed Old Fashioned
Vodka: If you don’t already have some vodka at home, I’d say get a bottle of something local you’ve been wanting to try. Even if the vodka isn’t great, this cocktail does a good job of balancing it out.

There are some Amazon.com links for the bar tools to use as a reference below
Cutting Board
Paring knife
Rocks glass
Tall glass
Bar spoon (or your longest, skinniest spoon) Amazon.com
Cocktail shaker (or a cup that fits inside another cup) Amazon.com
Hawthorne strainer (optional) Amazon.com
Mixing Glass (completely optional) Amazon.com
Muddler (or a wooden kitchen spoon)Amazon.com